Mt Garnett to Chillagoe via Ootan

The first 60km is unsealed and usually able to be attempted with a conventional vehicle in the dry season (after Easter). It will probably take about 2.5 hrs to complete. This road is not suitable for a caravan.
Use the odometer readings as an approximate guide between points of interest.
The turn off to 'Chillagoe Cabins' is on the right of the road to Mt Surprise, 22km west of Mt Garnet. From here Chillagoe Cabins is 135km. The road is unsealed. (+48km) The road to the left goes to Mt Surprise. Do not take this road.

#4 (+1km) The Rocky Tate Crossing. (+14km) Cross Swamp Creek. (+17km) The Hilton Graham Causeway. (+19km) Just prior to a gully and fork in the road, is a track on the left. This leads down to a great spot for a break and even a swim during the wet season. (+8km) On the right you pass the Ootan Quarry turn off. This is a lime crushing facility and siding. (+7km) This ‘T’ intersection is the Mareeba to Chillagoe road. About 2 Kms to the right (east) is Almaden and 28 Kms to the left (west) is Chillagoe.
Go to ‘Wheelbarrow Way’ #3 to continue your journey to ‘Chillagoe Cabins’


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